Russell Davies

Many veterans remember combat as a profoundly raw experience, a time in their lives where their wills, bravery and fragility are right out there, without any cover. Some of them learn that it is possible to kill both without remorse and without malice but it is impossible to kill without consequence. Even when the consequence is satisfaction or a sense of a wrong righted, killing is something that stays with a person for the rest of their lives. Coming to terms with it is something Russell Davies discovered is just part of the process of coming home.  


As mentioned in the episode, Russell Davies returned home and had his own struggles with anxiety and depression. He discovered that extreme sports was a great outlet for him to get his adrenaline rush in a focused and productive way. He since has founded PTSD Veteran Athletes, a nonprofit that provides gear and excursions for veterans as a way of helping them refocus their energy as well. If you know of someone who could use the help, or if you would like to help fund a veteran there’s information at the website here.

Anthony Russo