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Episode 31 b. Davies

Combat isn’t about glory, it’s about serving the mission and doing what needs to be done to achieve an objective, but there’s still something particular about the bond combat veterans form forged in circumstances that most people can’t really comprehend.


Episode 30 Jimenez

Ernie Jimenez joined the military because he saw it as the career opportunity of a lifetime. He joined the Marines because he wanted to fight. As an infantry assaultman during the Second Battle of Fallujah, he got a good hard look at what it is like to have no choice but to face down your fear.


Episode 29 Higens

When Davin Higens got into counterintelligence the Twin Towers were still and the job mostly involved running assets in hotspots as a way of keeping tabs on potential threats, but when he found himself in Iraq in the early days of the war on terror, running assets took on an urgency he couldn’t have imagined before. Because in Iraq there always was a ticking bomb somewhere.